Artificial Intelligence: Cryptuitive is the future!

Unlike those popular lagging indicators that always seem to fail to predict where a coin’s price is headed, Cryptuitive’s technology uses leading edge artificial intelligence to analyze past data and the actions of the market to determine the price in the very near future.

Our unique user interface is easy to understand and shows the latest predicted trends for all the major cryptocurrencies against the USD token. offers very reliable forecasts on the five minute, fifteen minute and one hour price charts which gives you information that you can act on instantly for consistent and more profitable gains.

For a limited time only – THIS IS A LIVE BITCOIN PREDICTION!

must be viewed on desktop device (we are working on mobile) – see instructions below the chart

Our Unique Approach To Cryptocurrency Price Prediction!

We do not believe that any other AI or statistical prediction model out there comes close to the accuracy of our system. In our opinion, it is impossible to predict any stock or cryptocurrency price with good results over the long term due to unpredictable market changes and price volatility. Short term predictions are much more reliable and when combined with consistent and reasonable day trading or other short term strategies should yield significant gains.

How to use the Cryptuitive chart

  • Chart is updated every five minutes. Be sure to refresh chart by selecting a cryptocurrency and time frame.
  • Predictions based on Binance data. Pricing may vary slightly depending on your exchange service.
  • The candlestick chart on left shows the historical cryptocurrency prices.
  • The average last price and predicted price along with trends are displayed.
  • Hover over the charts and gauges for more pricing information.
  • The bar graph shows the accuracy of predictions when yellow.
  • The colored lines are all the possible predicted prices for the near future. 
  • The targets will usually be reached within 1/2% of prediction in the next one to twelve candles.
  • Timing and patience are keys to success even when knowing the future prices.
  • Wait for “Valid Targets” to be greater than eighteen (18). Targets will appear in yellow on graph.
  • “Trigger” determines when the price will begin moving in the direction of the predicted targets.
  • Wait for “Trigger” to be greater than .5 which indicates a change in direction of price movement in favor of the targets. This indicates the best possible time to go long or short.
  • Valid price targets will be displayed in yellow. Both “Valid Targets” and “Trigger” should be above the red marks on their gauges before making any decision to go long or short.
  • While no one can predict the future, the cryptuitive algorithm has proven to be highly accurate.
  • Use multiple chart time frames to determine the best possible entry points.
  • Price can be going up on one time frame while going down on another since each length of time is different.
  • Price predictions may have been reached by the time the prediction is made. Just wait for another prediction where the spread between current price and future price is large enough to enter a profitable trade.
  • Remember that just because you may know the future price of a coin, you still don’t know the path it will take to get there. It takes skill to make the right trading decisions.
  • We recommend using paper trading (fake money) with a free Tradingview account.
  • The website is for entertainment purposes only. Use a paper trading account for the most fun!
  • Remember our prediction model is both accurate and addictive!

What is the Cryptuitive system:

  • A highly complex neural network that drives forecasts.
  • Short term future predictions for the five minute, fifteen minute and one hour time frames.
  • No lagging or other common useless indicators.
  • Multiple algorithms and predictions give you control over your own decisions.
  • Confidence and trigger scores let you know exactly when a trend in either direction is likely to start.
  • Reading these charts is easy and only takes a few minutes to learn.
  • No overly complex settings or unnecessary features.
  • Free plan gives you a chance to test our predictions in a live environment.
  • Low cost premium plans beat all other cryptocurrency prediction services.
  • Active twenty four hours a day and all year round.
  • Unlimited use with no long term contract.
  • Try it for free because it is fun and educational!

Our advanced prediction models can be used to determine possible longs and shorts in the market. While no system can be 100% accurate, we strive to give you the best information possible at the time. Sudden market swings, selloffs and other unforeseen events can never be accurately predicted. As we all know, one tweet from someone with millions of followers can cause prices to rise or fall in an instant. That being said, under normal day to day conditions, a good idea of where the market is headed can be reliably predicted using the latest in neural network and artificial intelligence technologies.

Due to the high accuracy of our AI prediction models, we are limiting memberships. Get ready for our launch!

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